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Since 2019

We are a family Owned and Operated Kiwi Business

We created Raw Pet Food Express because we wanted to increase the lifespan and health of our dogs; we did it for them and happy to share it with you.

We started on this journey with our two pups; Cooper & Willow.

Our passion

From a young pup, Willow had constant skin issues; itchy/raw paws, horrendous breath (poor girl – no one likes to date a girl with bad breath, do they!) 


At the age of three, Cooper had a significant medical scare – yes, dog cancer and then we also discovered he had arthritis.


We had enough of the constant vet visits, medical bills, trying different premium pet foods and seeing them in discomfort and overweight due to the steroids; we felt like we’d exhausted all apparent avenues. We started doing our homework on the food they were eating and the benefits or lack of benefits, side effects and processing of the food; we had a light bulb moment and realised it was time for a change. 

raw dog food taupo

We found Raw Dog Food.

The large dog food companies are so misleading with the information they provide about what’s in their products, how it is processed and any ‘real benefits‘, which greatly concerned us. We started to research raw dog food and spent extensive energy doing so. 


We experimented with different raw meats and found as long as it is 100% natural, not processed or cooked, it’s exactly what a dog’s body needs. 


We were not concerned as a dog’s body is fully equipped to break down the raw meat and bone. A dog on a fully raw food diet has a very acidic stomach, so the acids are so strong there is little to no risk of consuming bones or unprocessed meat. 

The health of our dogs has improved. 

We get so many comments when we take the pups out on walks; people are amazed at how shiny their coats are and cannot believe it is just a balanced RAW + NATURAL diet that does that … of course, love and loads of attention are the final ingredients.

Through this journey, we also added two other beautiful dogs to the family, and their names are Piper and Lucy; they reap all the benefits of our journey to raw dog food. 

Are you struggling with your dogs health?

Not sure what to do or how to transition into feeding your dog raw dog food?

Switching from processed foods is the best thing you can do for your dog’s health, but consider making that transition smoothly.
We are here to help, only an email away

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