Charities Supported

We are a family Owned and Operated Kiwi Business!

We thank each and every charity for what they do, and we especially support the ones close to heart.

KeySar Kustomz & Rescue

SECOND CHANCE MOVEMENT for our strays: Homeless, abandoned, abused & neglected dogs & cats.
We appreciate anything from $2.

Paws - Restart

To be the voice of dogs that have no hope. We need to pause, to stop the pain, to stop the abuse, to stop the neglect. We need to restart with hope, passion, patience and love. Rescue, rehabilitate and re-home. Sadly I am not a re-homing service.

Chaind dog

We are small group of volunteers who are working hard to end the life-chaining of dogs in NZ by creating awareness, working with dog-owners, advocating for changes to welfare legislation and basically helping the animals we come across in any way we can

Auckland Puppy Rescue

We rescue puppies, foster them with caring families, then adopt them to great new homes. Want to adopt a puppy? We’d love to hear from you!
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