Alone – essence


To help with feelings of anxiousness due to separation, shock, grief, loss, fretting, loneliness.  For pets having difficulty adapting to change in circumstances or new routine, like loss of owner or bonded family pet, separation from litter, or rehoming.

How they came about

Our unique personally designed natural essence’s, have been made by our resident Naturopath Kim

After seeing what great success we had with essences made by Kim, for our girl Willow, we wanted to collaborate with her to design four main essences for cats and dogs, that needed help with various anxieties too

Directions for Use:

Ingredients – Contains up to 7 Flower Essences, filtered water, apple cider vinegar, brandy.

Dose: 2-4 drops, 4 times per day in water or food.  Extra doses can be taken more often if required.  Can be dropped on to paw or coat to be licked off.

About Flower Essences

Flower essences have been used since the 1930’s when Edward Bach first explored and established another way to bring balance to the ‘emotional’ and therefore physical body.  Flower essences are liquid plant preparations made from the flower blossoms of 38 different plants.  The energy of the flower is imprinted into the water energetically and then preserved in brandy.  Flower essences are used to help support the emotional and behavioural responses to situations.  The subtleness of these remedies work very well for animals, but are also very effective in children and adults of all ages.

Overdose & Dependency

Flower essences are very safe. There is no risk of overdosing, co-dependency, or interaction with any medication or nutritional supplement in animals or humans.

Alcohol Content

When first made the essence is preserved in alcohol (Brandy). This becomes the stock bottle, from which drops are taken and added to a formula bottle containing filtered water and a small amount of apple cider vinegar or alcohol.  We use apple cider vinegar to keep the alcohol content to an absolute minimum.  You can taste the essence yourself to see.   There is very little alcohol (less than1%) in the final formula however, for those that prefer their pet avoid alcohol all together, doses can be dispensed into boiled filtered water and left to cool so the alcohol evaporates off, and once cooled can be given.  This method would be recommended for very small, and or weak animals.

Our remedies have been formulated with dogs in mind, however they may also crossover to owners and cats as well, if the situation fits.



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