Beef Brisket

100% beef meaty bone –  meat to bone varies on each piece

Softer bone – easily chewed for dogs of all sizes + older dogs too

No Fillers/Preservatives


Great choice for dogs

Higher fat content than other briskets, which are perfect for the more active dog or a dog lacking putting weight on

Good for dogs new to bones or even the more experienced bone eater too just LOVES chomping

Still has some meat on the bone so a great snack or an addition to any meal – recommended to add tripe to a meaty bone meal as they work together to break down and absorb the excellent nutrients

Full of calcium, phosphorus aiding in healthy teeth and strong bones

Chewing on bones is the best way to improve their dental health, strengthen their jaws, exercising the neck shoulder muscles, allows them to be a dog which provides them mental stimulation + time out for mum and dad!


Comes frozen, place in your freezer asap.

Defrost before feeding and keep refrigerated, only defrost enough for two days at a time.

Wash hands and surfaces thoroughly with antibacterial soap once food has been served.


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