breeders mix

Breeders Mix


45% Beef  +  45% goat & horse + 10% offal (organ)

Add a bone component and this will be a complete meal

NO Fillers/Preservatives


Great choice for cats and dogs.


Readily available protein that provides your cats/dogs with a selection of vitamins and minerals like; B vitamins, potassium, sodium, magnesium – which all helps in nerve function, circulation by utilizing the fatty acids. Maintain fluid balance – really important for cats and their kidney function issues their renowned for.


Leaner protein, classified as a hypoallergenic meat for sensitive cats/dogs and fussy eaters.

It’s rich in iron, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, riboflavin, selenium, niacin, copper and vitamins A + B.

High in amino acids – cat/dogs bodies building blocks.

Active animals or pregnant animals require more amino acids to keep up with their needs.


High iron and low levels of saturated fat, calories and cholesterol.

Still holding as much protein as what beef or chicken do.

Digestible protein good for animals with allergies. 


There’s a reason cats/dogs ate offal / organ as part of the ancestral diet – it helped them thrive in the wild.

Packed full of nutrients – vitamins, amino acids, iron, B complex vitamins, minerals like – zinc, copper.

Offal needs to be part of their weekly intake of 10% – adult cat/dog and more for a puppy.



Comes frozen, place in your freezer asap.

Defrost before feeding and keep refrigerated, only defrost enough for two – 4 days at a time.

Wash hands and surfaces thoroughly with antibacterial soap once food has been served.



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