Puppy Mix


30% Beef and or Horse (muscle meat) + 60% Chicken (muscle meat + bone grounded)  + 8% Green Tripe + 2% Offal

= a balanced meal (protein+bone grounded + organ/tripe)

NO Fillers/Preservatives



Excellent complete meal for young puppies – providing them with the essentials

Packed full of quality protein + moisture

Vitamin B3 -converts food to energy while aiding in the digestive + nervous system

Vitamin B6 – helps the body to produce antibodies in the immune system

Phosphorous – good for their teeth and bone formation + heart and kidney functions.


Readily available protein that provides your cats/dogs with a selection of vitamins and minerals like; B vitamins, potassium, sodium, magnesium – which all helps in nerve function, circulation by utilizing the fatty acids. Maintain fluid balance – really important for cats and their kidney function issues their renowned for.

Chicken – meat + bone

Chicken muscle meat with ground bone.

Low in fat and high in protein, with the additional benefits of bone nutrition – great for dogs needing more bone in their diet o0r for a smaller mouthed dog or a cat who can’t chew on a meaty bone for the nutrients.

Holds important vitamins such as B6, B3 + B12. – promoting energy production and healthy metabolism – building muscle mass.

Good source of iron, zinc + selenium – strong bones, immunity and coat/skin health.


High in protein, low in carbs – excellent for stimulating health tummy acid when digestion is in process.

Basically natures probiotic / superfood.

It holds all 10 of the essential amino acids that dogs need to consume – cat/dogs bodies building blocks.

Tripe is a great addition to any dogs diet – cats preferred it minced up in a mix instead of an individual item in their bowl.

Digestive enzymes – great for animals with touchy tummies – diarrhoea or constipation. = supporting a healthy digestion system.

Excellent to add with a meaty bone meal for optimum digestion and nutrition in take.


Is healthy leaner protein – as its lower in fat, higher in unsaturated fatty acids, higher in protein and is greater proportion of omega-3 fatty acids

Great for animals that require a leaner protein source

An iron-rich hypoallergenic protein – great option if allergic to beef

Rich in Iron + Vitamin B


Comes frozen, place in your freezer asap.

Defrost before feeding and keep refrigerated, only defrost enough for two days at a time.

Wash hands and surfaces thoroughly with antibacterial soap once food has been served.



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