Chicken Feet

This product has got some feathers and skin on as nature intended

Not only are they safe for your dog to eat RAW , they offer a range of beneficial factors and are nutritional

DO NOT COOK -feed raw

Chicken Feet contain high concentrations of glucosamine and chondroitin the building blocks for joint cartilage – which are joint for joint health, inflammation

They act as fully edible and digestible toothbrush

The fact that they are not cooked, means that the chicken bones are crunchy and crumbly – the crushing action of the teeth through the feet is what helps clean between your dog’s teeth. This is due to the mild abrasion the feet create on the outer enamel that scrapes away built-up food and plaque.



Comes frozen, place in your freezer asap.

Can be feed frozen or thawed. Either way keep refrigerated, only defrost enough for two days at a time.

Wash hands and surfaces thoroughly with antibacterial soap once food has been served.

$6.95$48.95 available on subscription

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