chicken necks

Chicken Necks

100% CHICKEN – skinless /approx. 60 % meat + 40% bone

NO Fillers/Presevatives



Good choice for cats and dogs – older and younger dogs a like

CHICKEN NECKS are a soft bone – excellent for:

-puppies introduced to bone

-smaller mouth dogs find these a good option

-older dogs that can’t chomp on a bigger bone but still like something to chomp on

They are packed full of essential nutrition for healthy cats and dogs.

They are an excellent dental chew for cats – bone aids in good dental health, removing plaque , tendons acting as floss and jaw exercise an mental stimulation

Naturally low in fat and containing quality protein and other nutrients – calcium + phosphorous for healthy teeth, bones, vitamin B3 + B6 provides healthy functional digestive system, healthy immune and nervous systems

Can be given frozen, semi defrosted or totally defrosted.


Comes frozen, place in your freezer asap.

Only defrost enough for two days at a time.

Wash hands and surfaces thoroughly with antibacterial soap once food has been served.

$23.95$59.95 available on subscription

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