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We work hard in providing you with the purchaser; with a high standard of NZ Produce from MPI Registered Suppliers and here at NRPFE we are ONC Compliant.

You must be 18 years of age or older to place an order with NRPFE.

By placing an order with NRPFE please understand that you are entering into a contract by where you need to understand the following T&C’s …..


Where a Faulty product is supplied (eg a foreign object or does not fit the description of the product) please contact by email NRPFE within 5 days of purchase of this product. A refund or product replacement will be arranged.

For us to investigate a particular products production process, we need you to supply to us in the email the following, please…

-product name

-on the label: the batch number, date of packaging – or the label itself would be preferable.

Without these details, an investigation is very limiting.

In some cases, we will request the product be picked up by us and or photos were taken of it.

EMAIL: [email protected]

NOTE: upon delivery of your goods – we DO NOT take responsibility if you have allowed us to deliver it with no one to receive it and authorizing us to leave the goods in a designated place on the property or you have requested that the Courier leaves your delivery in a designated place at the delivery address given nor if you have provided us with an incorrect delivery address.

Ownership/responsibility and risk in the products delivered to you becomes yours upon delivery to your address that has been provided by you.

It is your responsibility to ensure the product(s) are put in the freezer as soon as possible once it has been delivered. And thawing of food for meals is done in a safe, hygienic manner.

When you are unpacking your order, it is your responsibility to notice that your order is correct and intact, any issues please email us straight away

Email: [email protected]

Social media & any other form of engagement with public.

Any post, comment, blog or suggestion made with out NRPFE’s consent will be consider an breach of the T&C further steps will be taken at the expense of the person or people involved any negative post will be prosecuted. 

 Instances where a faulty product will not be refunded or replaced

Vomiting and or diarrhoea can occur for several reasons, often when a diet has been changed too fast or too many elements are added to the Pet’s diet.

Because we have no control over what other foods you are feeding your Pet – pet food or otherwise, we have no control in the combinations feed, which could potentially lead to an upset stomach or illness.

As a Pet Owner, you need to be aware that Pet’s can also pick up illnesses from smelling and eating things outside in their own home, yard or out on a walk.

All these factors can contribute to a Pet being unwell.

Unpalatable Product

We understand that all pets are individuals and some will have different palettes – that is why it may be best to start them on a smaller pack for the more unusual/newer foods to them.

NRPFE works hard in supplying yummy food for your Pet that is of high-quality NZ Produce.

Not all Pet’s like the same foods hence why we provide a variety.

NRPFE is NOT obliged to refund nor replace a product that a Pet just simply will not eat.

NRPFE will work with you in offering suggestions in what may suit your Pet’s best, based on the information you provide us but we cannot know whether your Pet will definitely like the taste of a certain product and therefore will not refund or replace an item based on this.


All our meal plans and recommendations are just a guild line and we do NOT take responsibility for any malnutrition or medical issues on any Pet that uses our goods.

We cannot be with you 100% of the time so cannot be responsible for what you choose to add to their diet outside of what we have suggested.

We are here to work with you to help your Pet get onto a great feeding plan.


Photos used on our website/social media are examples only.


All coupons and discount codes are subject to change without prior notice and cannot be used collectively -only as a singular discount per transaction.

And will expire in one month of the issue date or unless otherwise stated.

Any issues using a code please email: [email protected] or message us on Facebook Messenger – straight away.


Because we rely on our suppliers, we cannot guarantee that the products we advertise on our website are available all the time. If there is an issue with supply, we will endeavor to advertise this on the website/social media pages. Please be aware some of the products we sell are seasonal. We endeavor to stipulate to our suppliers when ordering stock, that we DO NOT WANT medicined produce supplied to us, this cannot always be guaranteed in some instances.


The price of goods may be changed by us at any time but we will never change a price so as to affect the price charged to you when you are purchasing those goods, there will be prior knowledge in the shop of the website.


We reserve the right to cancel, edit or refund any order at our discretion without any notice.


Being a small kiwi family-owned business and trying to keep our prices as low as we can, to keep it affordable for you our customers.

We realize that we need to offer different payment gateways + also payment plan options for you too so we have gone with Layby – as it’s offering us the best rate for you the customer we can’t afford to absorb the following costs per transaction

1/ when using STRIPE

there is a 30cents per transaction fee + 2.9% surcharge of the total bill amount this has been on-charged to your total at checkout

2/ when you use LAYBUY

there is a 4.5% surcharge of the total bill amount this has been on-charged to your total at checkout

3/when using AFTERPAY

there is a standard charge of $3 + 7% surcharge of the total bill amount this has been on-charged to your total at checkout

4/ If you’d like to NOT pay a surcharge then please pay by … Cash or Bank Transfer


If you choose to cancel an order already paid for, there is a cancellation fee required through the GATEWAY services we use

The cost will be advised upon request by email

Products stay the property of Natural Raw Pet Food Express until paid in full, if the full payment is not fulfilled within two weeks after receiving the goods legal action to recoup the funds outstanding + all legal cost will be charged to the account.


The information that you give to NRPFE


-email address

-phone number

-delivery address

is only held on our records and not sold/ shared to other parties.

NRPFE website is secure – we take care to make it safe for your use.

When using a credit card/debit card your information is saved to our Sales Gateway Provider – STRIPE – NRPFE does not hold your card details on our system.

Your login password is not known to NRPFE, we can only send a link to you to reset your password if you cannot remember what it was.


We defend the Intellectual Property Rights in connection with our goods, website and social media pages include the copyright of content by us or another content provider.

You may NOT copy our names, logos, trademarks or content and put it on any website/social media of yours or someone else’s.


We communicate through email/text messages/social media messages/verbal  – you agree that this communication is contractually binding in the same way as properly signed and dated paper correspondence would be.


You agree to indemnify NRPFE and Cooper and Willow Investment Ltd against all costs/claims/expenses that may arise directly/indirectly from …

-your breach of this agreement.

-any act/breech/default of any persons associated with you.

-contractual claim arising from the use of any goods

-breach of intellectual property rights of NRPFE and or Cooper and Willow Investment Ltd – employees, directors and suppliers.

Best wishes

Lukas and Becks Kruger


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